Bulgaria, the hidden Tax haven in Europe
Pay less taxes, be happy
Pay less taxes, be happy


How to get a European residency?

Many non-Europeans are interested in relocating to Europe for business, family, and other purposes. However, the European residency rules can be complicated and confusing. Furthermore, each European country has its own ...

Which 8 countries have Crypto-friendly tax laws?
Digital Nomads who pay taxes are fools!
  • Jurisdictions with no inheritance tax

10 jurisdictions with no inheritance tax

10 jurisdictions with no inheritance tax There is a growing social movement arguing that people should become wealthy by working hard, and not by inheriting wealth from their relatives. That is why many governments impose significant inheritance taxes, also known as “death taxes”. To illustrate, in Belgium’s Brussels capital region, a spouse or a child of a deceased person may be required ...

Doing international Business

The proposed EU digital identity

A new threat to the TAX freedom of Europeans In 2021, the European Commission proposed a legal framework establishing a European Digital Identity (“EDI”). The EDI will be available to all ...

Top 3 countries for international business?

Are you active in e-commerce or are you thinking of starting a business abroad because the tax burden in your country pushes your blood pressure to unprecedented heights? In that case, there is a wide choice of solutions and potential countries to start your activities. And yes most of the time we go for tailormade solutions, but if we can still give our top three solutions. Here it is:

Top 3 countries for international living?

Is there something more beautiful in life than being a ‘tax nomad‘? The ultimate combination of two life highlights, travelling and paying as few taxes as possible.

Many countries and solutions may be ideal for you. But if you want our top three, here it is:


  • Monaco is not a good tax haven

Monaco not for everyone a tax haven! [2020]

Sometimes better to avoid Monaco complete and look for better solutions! Read here the full article. At first glance… When most people here about Monaco, it sounds like a fairytale… Blue Mediterranean, mild climate, French ...

  • Taxation in Georgia

Taxation in Georgia [2020]

Taxation in Georgia Georgia, a country in the Caucasus region, is located on a crossroad between European and Asian markets. Due to Georgia’s business advantages, such as a low-cost workforce, a stable political environment, an ...