Are you guys only giving advice, or what!?

Plain and simple: no! We roll up our sleeves ourselves.

This is the best proof that our advice is not academic thinking. It’s just not, ‘cause we have to carry out our own advice, and we’re not shy to do that. Carrying out your own advice is the ultimate test with reality


You probably wonder “Why do I need those “guys”?

I could set up a corporation by myself in Bulgaria, the USA… or …UAE.”

You can try, but you’ll need a lot of time and will probably come back empty-handed. To each his own. We are working hard on this every day, we have our extensive network, our contacts… This has been a process of years. You can also install your own kitchen or learn a language through the internet.

Better leave it to professionals and spend your time and energy on your own business. We work transparently and apply fair fees.

Stick to what you’re good at. Contact us!