A meeting about your tax planning
with Iven De Hoon

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Do you need a chat about tax planning, citizenship or relocation?

Hi, I’m Iven De Hoon.

I studied law (University of Antwerp, Belgium) and obtained an additional masters in ‘Tax law and Accounting’ (Vlerick Institute, Ghent University, Belgium). In 2009 I won the ‘Willoughby Memorial Price’ (St. Jesus College Oxford). In 2009, I started NoMoreTax to share what I was doing. If you would need a private chat with me, please contact me with the form below.

  • The video call would be a Skype Call (if you prefer another method, let me know).
  • I speak English, French or Dutch.
  • The fee is 150 EUR (max. 30 min).

Maybe you want to discuss:

  • Which is the best place to live as a crypto- or Forextrader
  • Maybe you want to discuss if in your case Bulgaria is a better option than Romania
  • How you can get a visum in the UAE
  • What is the advantage of getting a second passport
  • What is the best jurisdiction for your E-commerce
  • Can you avoid taxes as an American by living aborad
  • You want to understand the complex VAT-rules of the EU
  • etc…

Let's set up a Videocall