Are you guys only giving advice, or what!?

Plain and simple: no! We roll up our sleeves ourselves. This is the best proof that our advice is not academic thinking. It’s just not, ‘cause we have to carry out our own advice, and we’re not shy to do that. Carrying out your own advice is the ultimate test with reality.

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We offer Low Tax Services

Our office has a main goal:
to render personalised services.
Transparency is another of our objectives. There is no challenge we won’t face.

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What services do we provide?

We create your company, help to become a resident, obtain you a bank account, apply for a VAT number, provide office space, accompany you to hire staff.

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What are our strengths?

We are always available and approachable. We are not big-headed. We can be reached anytime, anywhere.
I would almost say 24/7. 

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Why would you choose us?

5 elements to convince you!

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Who is not welcome?

We play by the rules.

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Our philosophy

No empty words and hollow promises from a first-year marketing course, no idle talk.
We are a company and just like anybody else, we want to make a living. However, we have a true passion for our business and just love what we do.

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Would you like an online meeting about your tax planning with Iven De Hoon?

Maybe you want to discuss:

  • Which is the best place to live as crypto- or Forex trader
  • Maybe you want to discuss if in your case Bulgaria is a better option than Romania
  • How you can get a visa in the UAE
  • What is the advantage of getting a second passport
  • What is the best jurisdiction for your E-commerce
  • Can you avoid taxes as an American by living aborad
  • You want to understand the complex VAT-rules of the EU
  • etc…
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Our Offices






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