Bulgaria, your tax/friendly escape in uncertain days!

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Thank you for listening to the second episode of our NoMoreTax.eu Podcast!

We will provide you with legal information on how you can benefit from low-tax jurisdictions and save money on taxes.

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Why is Bulgaria so interesting in saving taxes? Is it the ideal country to set up your business!? We will explain everything in this podcast! Here we go!

Bulgaria they have a simple and clear tax system.  The Bulgarian tax system is very simple; all companies have a flat tax of 10%. No more, no less. Sometimes you pay even 0% corporation tax. We will explain how you can set up a company in Bulgaria, how the banking system works, and why it is a perfect country to outsource business. How you can get residency and the advantages of it.

What types of companies are there, and what is the procedure to incorporate a company? What about the Bulgarian mentality, cultural differences… Is it a nice country to live…?

And why not Romania, Serbia, or Macedonia…

  • We are more than 15 years active in Bulgaria.
  • We can incorporate your company!
  • We can do your accounting.
  • We can help you find the right employees, office space, and legal assistance…
  • We are your one-stop office in Bulgaria!

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What is NoMoreTax.eu?

Our company’s main goal is to render personalized services. Transparency is another of our objectives. We strive for transparency regarding our services and transparency regarding fees. Iven De Hoon founded the office and has already acquired 25 years of experience in fiscal and legal service provision. He is also the author of several books and publications.

Our approach is personal. We will always appoint a personal coach for your specific case which you can rely on. Not only during office hours! Your file will be his personal responsibility and will not be handed over to an assistant. Our approach is small-scale. This means that the first person you meet will continue to assist you throughout the process.

We prefer to formulate direct and clear answers to your questions over ample and incomprehensible advice. We provide concrete answers to concrete questions. Furthermore, we are entrepreneurs and not academics. We have a broad vision and will assist you in finding solutions within the existing legal frames.

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