I fear more of the same...It means more countries who will work together, read ... exchange information, more crazy compliance in the banking world, maybe some countries will go even for higher taxation.To be honest, I do not see very positive things for the moment in 2020.So but we have still the same tools to fight against greedy governments.Our tools are still there:
  1. Relocate! Go and live in a place where they treat you best. Safe country and a warm climate with low taxes... Bulgaria, Dubai, Singapore, Cyprus, Malta... Check our map!
  2. You can choose to relocate your business or a part of it...Or relocate as a person together with your business. We are there to give you full support!
  3. There are also some new 'tax friendly' jurisdictions we want to promote more or promote again. We are especially thinking about Ras Al Khaimah, Malaysia, Portugal, Bulgaria... Contact us for more details.
  4. There is some legal but creative estate planning possible with funds... Contact us for more details.
  5. Foundations and trust are still an amazing way to protect your assets. We would like to stress that the Austrian foundation and 'silent partnership' are great tools for this!
  6. If you want to stay discrete in business, this is your right! This is your human right and not illegal! There are still ways to reach this goal!
  7. And we have South Dakota…More on our website in a few weeks!