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Are you guys only giving advice, or what!?

Plain and simple: no! We roll up our sleeves ourselves. This is the best proof that our advice is not academic thinking. It’s just not, ‘cause we have to carry out our own advice, and we’re not shy to do that. Carrying out your own advice is the ultimate test with reality.

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Our philosophy

No empty words and hollow promises from a first-year marketing course, no idle talk.
We are a company and just like anybody else, we want to make a living. However, we have a true passion for our business and just love what we do.

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We offer Low Tax Services

Our office has a main goal:
to render personalised services.
Transparency is another of our objectives. There is no challenge we won’t face.

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Would you like an online meeting about your tax planning with Iven De Hoon?

Maybe you want to discuss:

  • Which is the best place to live as a crypto- or Forextrader
  • Maybe you want to discuss if in your case Bulgaria is a better option than Romania
  • How you can get a visum in the UAE
  • What is the advantage of getting a second passport
  • What is the best jurisdiction for your E-commerce
  • Can you avoid taxes as an American by living aborad
  • You want to understand the complex VAT-rules of the EU
  • etc…
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Do you run a business and want to minimise your tax liability ethically and legally?

There’s no need to continue your search. We have 30 professionally prepared eBooks on tax reduction and planning available for free download on our site.

Only accurate and up-to-date material is available here, and each article and eBook is authored and proofread by an expert in the relevant field. Since we update and expand our library of eBooks every month, you can rest assured that the data we provide is constantly current.

Experts in many fields work together to guarantee that our texts are accurate and up-to-date.

Furthermore, there is no risk in trying out our eBooks because of our 100-day money-back guarantee. Do your best, and don’t allow taxes to get in the way of your accomplishments. Get a head start on tax savings the right way by downloading one of our free eBooks today.

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Upcoming Seminars for Tax Savings

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Welcome to our upcoming online seminars for everyone who want to save money on taxes! Our seminars are hosted by Iven De Hoon, an internationally recognized tax consultant and author of several books on the subject. With years of experience in the industry, Iven has helped countless businesses navigate the complex world of tax regulations and maximize their tax savings. Our seminars provide valuable insights and strategies to help you optimize your tax savings, whether you’re a small business owner or a large corporation.

Join us for our upcoming events and learn from the best in the business!

30 May 2024, 4:00 pm

Seminar: Italy, the new tax haven!

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13 June 2024, 4:00 pm

Seminar: Why is Bulgaria still the hidden tax haven in Europe!

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