We are not going to court the COVID 19 madness here but what was to be expected is now becoming a reality. Someone has to pay for the government's handout policy. History will show that most of the measures taken in the past year are a complete nonsense, but in the meantime, the damage has been done and the public debt will shoot up to unprecedented heights.Guess who is going to have to pay for this madness? Families with high incomes and companies that have done well out of the COVID 19 crisis. At least this is what the IMF is advocating, on top of a general increase in taxes, which are already in full swing (look at the USA, UK...). Once again, the creative people are the ones being punished!!! Not everyone is sitting at home on welfare, cocooning and binging Netflix, no, those who have seen this crisis as a challenge to be successful, are once again the ones being punished. Perhaps the tax-fed government should go on a diet. There is simply no room for more tax increases, not at all, not even because of COVID 19!Do not let your guard down! The world is more than the walls of your house or the hedge of your garden. Grab your laptop and go where you can get fiscal breathing room and your entrepreneurship is appreciated, not discouraged. Don't wait until it is too late!Contact us for a concrete roadmap to fiscal freedom. Leave tax payments to the grey mice, be legally creative while you still can!Contact us, as always at: info@dehoon-dhp.com