Introduction of living – Citizenship and Residence

If you would like to avoid or minimise your personal income taxes, you should definitely realise the following: it’s the jurisdiction where you’re residing which matters for personal income tax purposes, and not your nationality!

In other words, you can become a resident of a low-tax jurisdiction and live a low-tax or even a tax-free life. Your nationality doesn’t matter. You can find more information about packing your bags and being smarter than the taxman in the section ‘Residence’.

In some cases, it’s better to obtain a second passport and to become a citizen of another country. Obtaining a second passport and nationality can prove to be extremely useful for various reasons. You can find more information about obtaining a second passport in the section ‘Citizenship’.


Excellent jurisdictions to obtain second passport  – citizenship



Excellent low-tax jurisdictions to live in – residence


Hong Kong


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