Many governments of social welfare states have taken every possible step to abuse citizens. They destroyed liberties, indebted future generations and regulated the most fundamental aspects of our lives. Additionally, the orchestrators (‘trustworthy’ politicians) stubbornly refuse to cut government spending and prefer to continue raising taxes. Unnecessary to say that entrepreneurs active in such countries, creators of wealth and prosperity, are facing hard times. Luckily, there’s good news for those who are ready to take back control of their life and their financial privacy. You have the ability to escape across borders in order to avoid misbehaving politicians and functionaries.

Have you already considered migration?

On a daily basis, we advise clients who want to relocate their business to another country. These entrepreneurs prefer a country which has following characteristics: business-minded, tax-friendly, little red tape and low costs to do business. Typically, these entrepreneurs are sick and tired of paying extremely high income taxes at both the corporate and the personal income tax level. Instead of only desiring to relocate their business to another country, they’re determined to relocate as an individual as well. As a consequence, many entrepreneurial people are wondering where they should relocate to.

Where should I relocate to?

The solution is obvious… Relocate to a place where you would love to live. Let this be your starting point to success. Many tax-friendly countries are developing countries, are far away from family and friends, or are just extremely boring. Who wants to live in the Isle of Man in the middle of the Irish Sea or between the mountain goats in Andorra? To summarise: just decide to live there where you would love to live. You can fix all other issues by creating an ABC story.

An ABC story is ideal

An ABC structure is perfect to minimise your tax burden and to protect your money when the banking system of a certain country would crash. An ABC structure consists of three essential components:As you can see, an ABC structure implies that the governmental authorities of countries A, B and C can’t keep a firm grip on you. Why? Because you separate work, private life and finances. An additional benefit is that you can easily relocate to another country without being required to take your money with you. It’s often difficult to transfer all your funds out of the country and that’s exactly why an ABC structure could come in handy in these times of despair and uncertainty.


You live in France, you work in Luxembourg or the UK and you bank in Singapore or Switzerland. This kind of structure is very solid and offers you freedom, privacy and low taxes.