Top 10 facts about Bulgaria!

  1. Corporate tax: Bulgaria has one of the lowest corporate tax rates in the EU, namely 10%.

Bulgaria also signed nearly 70 double tax treaties!

  1. Personal income tax. Bulgaria has the LOWEST personal income tax rate in the EU, 10% and a dividend tax of only 5%.
  2. Wages. The wages in Bulgaria are one of the lowest in Europe. Also the minimum salary is the lowest in the EU.Furthermore,the social security contributions on salaries are very low.
  3. Business costs. Bulgaria is a very cheap country for doing business. The business costs are the lowest in the EU.
  4. Labour force. Bulgaria has a highly-qualified, well-motivated, flexible and multilingual labour force. A few figures: 60 000 students annually graduate from 51 universities, 98% of the high school students study a foreign language (usually English) and 73% study a thirdlanguage (mainly German, French, Spanish, Russian).
  5. Outsourcing. Bulgaria is the best destination in Europe for the development of outsourcing based on the ranking of ‘Cushman & Wakefield’.
  6. Less financial risk. The Bulgarian lev (BGN)is fixed to the EUR(1 EUR = 1.9558 BGN). Banking is possible in euros. You will find that all the major banks in Bulgaria provide English E-banking.
  7. Company incorporation. It takes only one day to register a new company. The minimal start-up capital is only 1 EUR and you will be provided with your VAT-number several working days later. In general there are less restrictions and administrative procedures than for instance in Western Europe.
  8. EU-funds. There are plenty of opportunities to get EU-funding for your projects in Bulgaria. Government policy is also focused on building a favourable business climate for foreign investors.
  9. Safe and stable.Bulgaria has a low crime rate. Bulgaria is a stable democracy and full part of the EU, WTO and NATO with the second lowest government debt in the EU.