Portugal is not only a fantastic country for vacations…who would not be enticed by a country offering almost 1800 kms of pristine beaches, Atlantic waves pounding on breath- taking coastlines. Otherwise, you might prefer a round of golf at one of the many unique courses in and around Lisbon, Estoril or the Algarve. How about enjoying melancholic and nostalgic Fado – music deeply entwined in Portuguese heritage. Discover an array of local Portuguese wines: red, white, vinho verde and port wines, moscatel, aguardente to complete the experience.

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Over the years, Europe’s poor relative has become a place of amazing modern architecture, effortlessly co-existing with centuries old traditions and heritage.

Of course, you did not come to www.nomoretax.eu for a “tourist information service” but because Portugal has become a smart & savvy fiscal friendly country!

Now, briefly, a summary of the most important fiscal advantages available for you.

The NHR tax regime ensures that, in most cases, you will be exempt from any tax in Portugal for the first 10 years of residency. We apply on your behalf with a 99% success rate.

Various interesting structures are possible in combination with, for example, American companies, payment of dividends, ….

Cryptocurrencies: are in some cases not taxed which is a very interesting fact, please contact us to discuss the small but very important details concerning this point of interest.

Pensions are in many cases only taxed at 10%…

No inheritance tax and a, maximum of 10% stamp duty to apply on donations between individuals which are not part of your nuclear family.

For EU-citizens, but also for those who are non-EU citizens, it is feasible to get a residence in Portugal, which in time can even lead to Portuguese citizenship (i.e. EU passport), after 5 years of residence. We have the Golden Visa and the Visa D as gateways to Europe, for non – EU-citizens.

We are your one-stop-shop for Portugal, with an international team locally present. From A-Z, we have the right in-house specialist and our own lawyers to assist you with registering in the country, bank introduction, obtaining residency, obtaining the NHR tax regime, and so much more.

Our clients will obtain their personal single point of contact for anything they require in Portugal, and of course our complete team is fluent in English and Portuguese, but we can also assist you in Dutch, French and German.

Would you be interested to know more, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us: info@dehoon-dhp.com

So we will now give you the details in this book! Enjoy! Read the book and… come to live here.

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