Living in Antigua and Barbuda

Antigua and Barbuda is located in the Eastern Caribbean and gained its independence from the United Kingdom on the first of November 1981. The island Antigua has a surface area of 108 square miles or 280 square kilometres and while the island Barbuda has a surface area of 62 square miles or 161 square kilometres. Antigua and Barbuda has a population of approximately 91,000 people and the capital is St. John’s, situated on the island Antigua.

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Antigua and Barbuda’s judicial system is based on the English Legal System including the principles and processes of the English common law. The governmental system is a unitary parliamentary representative democratic monarchy. The Executive power is exercised by the government while legislative power is vested in the government and the two Chambers of Parliament (Senate and House of Representatives). The Sovereign of Antigua and Barbuda is the head of state and appoints a Governor-General to act as vice-regal representative of Antigua and Barbuda.

General elections are constitutionally due every 5 years and Antigua and Barbuda’s constitution guarantees fundamental rights and individual freedoms.

Antigua and Barbuda has a low infant mortality rate (less than 10% per 1000 births), an adult literacy rate of 99% and an average life expectancy of 71 years.

Citizenship by Investment Programme Antigua and Barbuda

The Antigua and Barbuda Citizenship by Investment Act 2013 specifies the criteria and requirements of the programme, which was was officially launched in October 2013.

Investment requirements

The Act provides that an applicant who meets the application requirements may apply for citizenship by opting for one of the following investment options: the National Development Fund, a real estate investment or a business investment.

National Development Fund (NDF)

The National Development Fund requires a contribution of USD 250,000.00 which is to be paid into a special fund for the purpose of funding government sponsored projects including public-private partnerships and approved charitable investments.

Real estate investment

A real estate investment is an investment of at least USD 400,000.00 in an approved real estate project in an approved development area as recommended to the Cabinet by the Antigua & Barbuda Investment Authority after consultation with the Citizenship by Investment Unit (CIU).

Investment in a business

A business investment is an investment of USD 1.5 million by a single investor or USD 5 million by two or more investors each of whom proposed to make a joint investment of not less than USD 400,000.00 in a business approved by the Cabinet from a recommendation by the Antigua & Barbuda Investment Authority after consultation with the CIU.

Residence requirements

A successful applicant for the Citizenship by Investment Programme is required to spend a minimum of 7 days per year on the island, and this for a period of 5 consecutive years. In other words, one is required to stay for a minimum of 35 days on the island during a 5-year period.

Eligibility criteria

Antigua and Barbuda accepts fit and proper persons. Following individuals are considered ineligible:

  • Persons who provided false information on the application form,
  • Persons who have been convicted in any country of an offence for which the maximum custodial penalty is in excess of six months imprisonment,
  • Persons who are the subject of a criminal investigation,
  • Persons who are involved in any activity which is likely to cause disrepute to Antigua and Barbuda,
  • Persons who have been denied a visa to a country with which Antigua and Barbuda has visa-free travel and who has not subsequently obtained a visa to the country that issued the denial,
  • Persons who are a potential national security risk to Antigua and Barbuda or any other country.

Taxation in Antigua and Barbuda

Antigua and Barbuda taxes its residents on their worldwide income. Residents whose permanent place of abode is located in Antigua and Barbuda or residents who are physically present in Antigua for more than 183 days are subject to tax in Antigua and Barbuda. In other words, it’s possible to live a tax-free life in Antigua and Barbuda by making sure you’re not regarded as a tax resident. Contact us for more information about this subject.

Personal Income Tax is levied at graduated rates (expressed in Eastern Caribbean Dollar) as follows:

  • 0% from EC$ 1 – EC$ 36,000 (tax exempt allowance),
  • 10% from EC$ 36,001 – EC$ 180,000,
  • 25% on income greater than EC$ 180,000

Antigua and Barbuda does not levy estate tax nor inheritance tax.

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