Stop the lies!

Once again, politicians are talking about the fact that we should aim for “fair taxation and a contribution from the big assets”. But why doesn't anyone stop this nonsensical bullshit and these lies and why aren't the media critical about it? Some ultra-rich are even begging in the media to be taxed more. But those guys probably don't live in a highly taxed country, do they?!

Fair taxation?

Put differently, was taxation unfair then for the last 50 years? Yes, it was. A government tax levy of up to 60% in many European countries and still manage to build up large government debts. Where’s the money? Meanwhile, COVID-19 reduces income for a few months and the governments panic completely…

Santa Claus.

But despite the lower income, the governments, especially in Europe, are handing out gifts en masse. All kinds of large companies are being supported en masse, employees receive extra benefits, and so on. It's like Christmas, all bets are off.

Who’s gonna pay all this?

Right, you are! How? By raising taxes indirectly or directly. They will then say that the measures are 'temporary'. And before you know it, such a temporary measure will be good for 10 years!

Contribution of the big assets?

"It's a lie to say the broadest shoulders will bear the greatest burden."No, even if you tax the super-rich extra (e.g. 5% crisis contribution) it usually means a drop on a hot plate. So again, it's the healthy companies that will pay the price!

Oh, and those naughty multinationals.

They too must finally be punished... but this is an old song. They are multinationals... so they move easily to countries with low taxes.Maybe the government can cut one’s coat according to one’s cloth before they start looking for new income!

Escape while you still can!

It is perfectly legal to relocate all or part of your business to another country and pay fewer taxes, but take care of the necessary substance. You as an individual can escape this fiscal battlefield before it is too late. The countries with low taxes are shining in the sun and waiting for your arrival! Do not hesitate, it is now or never.


Find all the details here on If all this is going too far, at least shield your assets from the hungry, ever obese government and this can be done in a perfectly legal way, through a trust or foundation. Fiscal war calls for decisive action!