Intellectual Property

You’re developing a product or service. For example, you’re developing a computer game, a new perfume, a more economical dishwasher, a folding car in imitation of its predecessor the folding bike, a new educational software for children, a movie script, a mobile phone app, a music album, a new beer with an exceptional flavour, a new clothing line, whatever it is.

You believe in the project and you’re absolutely convinced that your creation will become a success. You expect to potentially make a fortune out of it. If you’re not careful and forget to anticipate the tax implications, your government will run off with a big part of the fruits of your labour. Therefore, it would be wise to structure the business in a smart and tax-efficient way.

The trick is to be creative and to identify or invent intangible assets such as intellectual property in your own business model. Intellectual property is intangible and can easily be transferred to, and registered in, a low-tax company. Any company is able to create or buy intellectual property and to transfer it subsequently to a parallel tax-efficient business structure.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you would like us to analyse your business model in order to identify Intellectual Property, which will serve as the foundation of your tax-efficient solution. If you’re interested in a tax-efficient Intellectual Property solution for your business, one of the countries listed below could offer the perfect solution.

Low-tax jurisdictions for intellectual Property

The Netherlands


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