What do you get?

  • First, we have an interview (1 hour). We then fully map out your problem.
  • This can be done online or in a personal meeting at one of our offices.
  • Then we get to work and prepare tailor-made advice. Practical, not academic & no copy/paste!!
  • We will then send you the advice, after which we will have another talk with you and go through our advice in more detail.
  • If you want to go further and have the advice implemented, then we are ready for you!

Fee? EUR 850 (VAT-exclusive)

    Iven De Hoon

    More about Iven De Hoon

    Iven De Hoon is trained as a lawyer (Antwerp, Belgium), and is also master in tax and accounting at the acclaimed Vlerick Institute (Ghent, Belgium). He has published many articles and books on different tax topics and has more than 25 years’ experience. More info about Iven De Hoon

    What can you ask us? Some examples:

    • How are my crypto profits taxed?
    • I’m a digital nomad, can I really legally avoid any form of tax? But is this a smart move?
    • Where should I live to escape any kind of inheritance tax? Or is a trust smarter?
    • How do I pay less tax with my export business?
    • What about VAT and my e-commerce?
    • Where do I establish my e-commerce business if I am allergic to too much tax?
    • How do I structure my drop-shipping business in order not to be fiscally knocked K.O.?
    • Is a Bulgarian company really something for me?
    • Can I live in Portugal and really not pay taxes for 10 years?

    Questions and suggestions? Contact us!