When countries collect half of their citizens’ income in tax and social security contributions, it does not take a rocket scientist to understand that individuals and corporations look for tax avoidance strategies.

That is precisely why Yulia Keating wrote her book. “Avoid Tax, NOW!“. It is the first booklet in a new sequence called “Financial Secrecy, the blueprint series” published by the Financial Privacy Network.

We admire the courage of an author to write about tax evasion in times where transparency, political correctness, and ethical entrepreneurship are advocated on a daily bases. Not Yulia Keating.

She seems outraged about politicians imposing massive taxes on their citizens while at the same time displaying sheer incapability to manage their countries’ budgets.

She discusses several different methods for companies to reduce their tax bills drastically, even to 0% for those who declared a Fatwa against paying tax.

One of the most exciting chapters in the book reveals tips and strategies to shift profit between entities, designs that apply to small companies. Keating strongly opposes to the idea that tax evasion can only benefit big and international corporations.

Except for US Citizens, who are taxed based on their citizenship, every person or company that pays more than 15% of tax, will benefit from the ideas in this book.

In her typical razor-sharp, harsh, but witty style of writing, she presents her ideas in a clear and accessible way to the reader.

The book is available on www.avoidtax.online as an e-book.

And for the price of lunch, this publication is an absolute ‘must-have’ for anyone seriously interested in business, tax planning, and optimization.

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