Why would you choose us? 5 elements to convince you!

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When asking for international tax advice it is important to remember these 5 Golden rules:

1. Choose for your international tax planning for a law office

Choose for people with a legal background! It’s important to know the legal in and outs before to make a decision. We are not selling companies or structures!

We are giving you tax advice and also implement it! We are not afraid of implementing our own structure. This is the best of both worlds!

A lot of expensive lawyers only advice (this easy), and other guys just sell companies and are not responsible (this is also easy), we do both … and this is not easy!

2. We are very transparent in our price setting.

We always make you an offer! So you know what it will cost you! No hidden fees promised!

3. We do not sell a jurisdiction as such!

We have our favourites, of course. But we stay objective!

4.  We are passionate about our business.

So if you want to have a company who is constantly looking for new trends, changes, loopholes, new jurisdictions, new banks.. we are the guys.

5. We are a boutique firm!

You get a personal service and a lot of attention, you can reach us almost 24/7… We are not one of the big law firms. Where the partner will meet you the first time, and further the job is done by a junior assistant but you will pay the rates of the partner!