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Important update! Open accounts for companies in exceptional cases, temporarily, without the beneficiary of the account having to move

The goodness of Corona…

As you know, getting a bank account is the crucial cornerstone in international tax and estate planning. Not only banks want to know everything about you including your shoe size…but the bank also wants to meet you’ face to face’. And let this just be difficult in Corona times, when governments create new obstacles on a daily basis. The mobile entrepreneur is made life impossible!

Fortunately, we have recently found a number of banks willing to open accounts for companies in exceptional cases, temporarily, without the beneficiary of the account having to move. Contact us for details. Still one light dot in the corona darkness!

  1. We create your Bulgarian company in a professional manner. This includes helping you obtain a bank account and apply for a VAT number.
  2. Would you also like to become a Bulgarian resident? We can guide you through the entire process, which obviously also means we will navigate you through the Bulgarian red tape and accompany you personally before official bodies.
  3. We can provide you with office space or help you find an appropriate office for sale or to let.
  4. If you want to hire staff, we can accompany you, meaning that we can preselect candidates based on the profile you are looking for.

We will then select a number of suitable candidates and it will be up to you to choose.

We can also draft all employment contracts upon recruitment.

  1. If you wish to buy or rent a house, office or industrial property, we can also help you. This means that we will search for a suitable property and complete all paperwork. Since hiring a notary in Bulgaria does not guarantee that your property is debt and mortgage free and free from unauthorised building works…we can check this for you, so you can feel at ease about signing the purchase deed or the rental contract.
  2. If you have already purchased a property in Bulgaria, but would like a third party to manage it, we can also take care of this. Depending on your wishes, we can tailor make a contract including the services you would like to outsource.
  3. If you wish to take over a local business or participate in it, we can also search for (a) suitable partner(s). Once again, we assist in all legal and tax aspects of closing the deal.
  4. Maybe you would like to research whether certain services or products can be purchased in Bulgaria. We can conduct a market study for you.

We want to be your one-stop shop in Bulgaria.

These services can also be provided in Macedonia and Serbia.

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