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About Iven De Hoon

I was born and raised in Antwerp (Belgium). My father was a teacher and taught me from a very young age that a combination of working hard, being creative and being the captain of your own ship, while focusing on your goal, is the way to success. I now try to convey this wisdom to my three children, something I have been quite successful at so far, if I may say so myself.

I studied law (University of Antwerp, Belgium) and obtained an additional masters in ‘Tax law and Accounting’ (Vlerick Institute, Ghent University, Belgium). In 2009 I won the ‘Willoughby Memorial Price’ (St. Jesus College Oxford). At the beginning of my career, I spent a few years working as a tax lawyer in a large accountancy firm. I subsequently returned to my great love which is writing and I became one of the founding members of a publishing house named Indicator (Leuven, Belgium) where I was the editor-in-chief for more than 15 years.

Up to present day, Indicator has successfully published newsletters in various European countries, containing all types of advice for self-employed individuals and entrepreneurs. But once in a while, people need new challenges in life, so I decided to combine a few passions of mine, including travelling, writing and international taxation. As such, I started my own international tax advisory firm in 2007, which entailed a lot of travel. I also wrote a few books on international taxation, such as ‘Belastingparadijzen’ (Tax havens) and ‘Hoe maak ik mij onzichtbaar voor de fiscus’ (How to make yourself invisible to the tax inspector) and ‘Ik ben weg’ (Iam gone). In the meantime, I have travelled to 65 countries. I want to understand the world in order to better understand my clients and grasp their needs.

Meanwhile, our tax advisory firm ‘De Hoon & Partners’ with its head office in Bulgaria (Sofia) and various rep offices and partnerships in different countries, has become a reliable partner for legal creative international tax planning. Our websites remain a very important tool for sharing information and for staying in touch with our clients and prospects. Since we would like to remain very approachable and transparent, please feel free to email

It’s possible to brainstorm a full day, or even two days with Iven De Hoon, in any major European city.

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