De Hoon & Partners

Our young office has a main goal: to render personalised services. Transparency is another of our objectives: transparency regarding services and transparency regarding fees. The office was founded by Iven De Hoon, who has already acquired 20 years of experience in fiscal and legal service provision. Iven De Hoon is the author of several books and publications.

What are our strengths?

  • Offshore structures
  • International Tax Law
  • Trusts and foundations

Iven De Hoon

Iven De Hoon has 20 years of fiscal and legal experience. For more than 10 years he was editor in chief of the wide-spread Belgian fiscal information letter “Tips en Advies Belastingen” (Tips & Advice – taxes) and “Tips en Advies Vastgoed” (Tips & Advice – real estate) at publishing company Indicator, who still works very closely with him for several publications.

Iven De Hoon wrote a number of books and articles on taxation. His trademark is a smooth, open style. Even the toughest subjects become understandable and captivating. Next to asset planning, his biggest passion is international taxation, especially everything offshore. He has, without a doubt, become the offshore specialist of the Benelux.Recently he wrote a enlightening book on the matter: “Belastingparadijzen (Tax Havens”), and how to make yourself invisible for the tax inspector (publisched in Dutch and French) published by Roularta.

Iven De Hoon is educated as a lawyer with additional specialisation at the acclaimed Vlerick Institute.